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Jared in a suit standing outside of building

Meet Jared: Finance Intern at Comcast

Jared is a finance intern at Comcast and currently attends The Ohio State University. An entrepreneur at heart, Jared discovered his natural instinct for identifying new business opportunities at an early age. After searching for an opportunity to gain hands-on experience that makes an impact, Jared shares with us why he decided to intern at Comcast and his experience with the Continuous Process Improvement (CIP) team.
2 women and 1 man in a conference room with whiteboard

Comcast's Act Two Program: Restarting the Careers of Caregivers

The Act Two program at Comcast is a way to help caregivers who have taken a break reenter the workforce.
Mikey sitting at table in front of his laptop

Meet Mikey: Accessibility Product Manager

Michaelangelo, “Mikey”, is a Product Manager on Comcast’s Accessibility Team. The Philly native has a background in web design and development and now works with product teams to ensure Xfinity's offerings are well-designed for customers using assistive technology.
Jon Moore sitting at home office

Meet Jon: Senior Fellow, Comcast Labs

Jon Moore a Senior Fellow at Comcast Cable, part of the Comcast Labs team researching advanced technologies for the company. Over his career, Jon has been a researcher, management consultant, network engineer, small business owner, tech lead, architect, and technology executive.
LinkedIn Top Companies Badge with photo of employee

Comcast NBCUniversal Named to LinkedIn’s 'Top Companies' List for 2021

We are pleased to announce that Comcast NBCUniversal has been honored on LinkedIn’s ‘Top Companies’ list for the fourth time, ranking among the top 20 again this year at #18.
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